Pam Fitzgerald, Director, Harwich International Shanty Festival

"Alanis a seasoned performer whose gig list reads like a travelogue of Phineas Fogg! He knows how to work an audience and is a great all round entertainer. A regular at Harwich, the festival would not be the same without him and his cherished concertinas.

Malc Gurnham, Bedworth Folk Festival

"Alan is a fine singer in the traditional style with an enthusiastic presentation of his songs..."

Bob Taberner, Folkmag, (Emagazine for the Midlands)

"Alan sings well and brings a freshness and the occasional new verse to songs you've heard many times..."
"His English concertina accompaniments are competent and don't draw attention away from the singing..."

Colin Andrews, What’s Afoot, (Devon’s Folk Magazine)

"A larger than life character, his singing is also powerful, particularly when belting out a shanty or rousing chorus..."

Michael Sisley, Canberra, Australian National Folk Festival 2013.

"Loved the shanties ... and thanks for the workshops, they were great!"


Gill Whitney, Wareham Whalers

"I admire the way you manage to capture and hold an audience's attention single handedly."

Derek Droscher, Banbury Folk Club

"Alan has a strong melodious unaccompanied voice..."

Dave Kidman, Folk Roundabout, (NE Quarterly Folk Magazine)

Alan has a singing voice of real character, and an often individual approach to phrasing that betrays his uncompromising commitment to forging his own interpretation, never content to perform a carbon copy of that of any other singer – and good for him, I say, for that’s what it’s all about after all!...Well done Alan!"

Mark Hadlett, Stormcrow (Shanty Crew), Whitby SeaFeat 2013.

"That was fantastic! Thanks Alan"

Angela Kessler, Boston MA, USA 2016.

"Alan Whitbread gave an absolutely lovely house concert in which the entire roomful of people was singing along on every chorus, ... thoroughly enjoying themselves."